Castle Garden in Český Krumlov

The Baroque Castle Garden was founded in 17th century. It is situated on the rise and the slope adjacent to the complex of castle buildings on Vth Courtyard of Český Krumlov Castle from the southwest. Thanks to the castle gardnerer´s solicitous care the castle visitors who decide to walk to the garden can enjoy beautiful mosaics of colourful flowbeds bellow august trees all the way to the pool in the end of the garden.

Basic information

  • duration 0 minutes
  • unlimited

Opening hours

Period Days Hours
1. 4.–30. 4. Mon–Sun 8.00–17.00
1. 5.–30. 9. Mon–Sun 8.00–19.00
1. 10.–31. 10. Mon–Sun 8.00–17.00


Admission free

reservation not necessary