Český Krumlov Castle - Residence of the South Bohemian aristocracy

Český Krumlov Castle is one of the most important monuments in Central Europe in terms of architectural level, cultural tradition and scale. Perhaps due to hidden position in a remote corner of South Bohemia. Its building development has been preserved with the original layout, material structure, interior installation and architectural details from the 14th to the 19th century. 

The monumental Český Krumlov Castle complex excels for its level of architecture, cultural tradition and area, and is rightly part of the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. The castle, bulit by the Vítkovec family and rebuilt in the Renaissance style under the Rožmberks extends along a rocky promontory above a meander of the Vltava river and consists of 41 separate palaces and outbuildings, and a 12-hectare ornamental castle garden.

Besides the Renaissance Rožmberk interiors and Baroque Schwarzenberg apartments of the 16th, 18th and 19th centuries, other interesting rooms are open to visitors. The true gem is the Baroque theatre with a full preserved set of scenery, costumes and props - unique in Europe. There is also a Castle Museum and the Stables with a Carriage and Sleigh collection have been recently opened. The extensive Gothic cellars house contemporary Czech and central European ceramic, glass and fine art galleries. Visitors can choose from nine tours and exhibitions, which include the Golden Eggenberg Carriage or the famed trompe d´oeil Masquerade Hall.  

A worthy assessment of the area by both domestic and foreign experts resulted in the acquisition of historic monument preservation status. In 1963, the town was declared a Municipal Preserve, in 1989 the castle became a National Monument, and in 1992 the entire complex was included onto the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Monuments.

The Administration of Český Krumlov Castle as a functionary of the Heritage Authority in České Budějovice attends to the operation of the structures, especially castle tours, maintenance, construction, and restoration work, and also participates in the arrangement of cultural and social activities at Český Krumlov Castle.