Plan your visit


Car park P1 ("Car park in Jelení Garden") is situated bellow the northern castle wall  in the meander of the Polečnice creek. It is the largest car park in Český Krumlov with the total cpacity of 230 parking spaces (including the permanently reserved spaces). In the car park there is only one arrival gate and one departure gate from Chvalšinská Street (route I/39 České Budějovice - Volary). 


The castle area is hard to access for all handicapped visitors. The barrier-free entrances are situated only in the Castle Gardens.


The entry with a dog or the other animals into the castle grounds is forbidden!


The bicycle park is situated on the Ist Castle Courtyard.

Child facilities

The castle has no tour or exposition adaptet especially for children. We can recomend you the visit of the Castle Stable.


There  are several places to eat at the complex of the State Castle Český Krumlov:

terrace of the New Pharmacy, Restaurant U Klobouku and Castle delicacy on the Ist Castle Courtyard, Churn the Castle Restaurant (Castle No. 59 - Diary), refreshment on the Vth Castle Courtyard, Castle riding-school (Castle No. 178 - Castle Riding Hall) near the Castle Gardens and Tavern Markéta (Castle No. 62) near the Castle Gardens.